2016 Robotic Knights
Our Members:
Wayne Peters - President Sean DeHaven - Senior VP Nate Brinkley - Senior VP
Cabell Rakes - VP of Chairman's and Memes Ian DeHaven - VP Awards Sebastian Ciccarella - VP of Build
Anthony Etzler - VP of Software Brycen Ford - VP of Pit Area Kyle Hayslett - VP of Rules
Erik Frank - VP of Supply Georgia Honts - VP of Public Relations Ethan Whitt - VP of Historian
Brianna Baldwin - VP of Resources Logan Vinson - VP of Safety Logan Honts - VP of Scouting
Catherine Amos - VP of Strategy Shannon Filer - Build Team Connor Lancaster - Build Team
Maddox Potter - Build Team Ethan Sandidge - Build Team Colby Sluss - Build Team
Hunter Sluss - Build Team Benji Peters - Build Team Eli Whitt - Build Team
Luke Martin - Build Team Jeremiah Isaacs - Build Team Tim Wilson - Programmers
Ethan Johnson - Programmers Anastasia Meadows - Chairman's/Creative Ethan Frank - Creative

Our Mentors:
Larry Etzler Randy Brinkley Marcia Honts
Jeff Amos Vicky Amos Jason Doyle
Joel Meyer Ralph Hayslett Mario Ciccarella
David DeHaven Nick Ciccarella Mike Doherty
Emily Doherty Reid Johnson William Johnson
Jo Ellen Johnson Jason Isaacs

Congrats to our elected officers of 2017! Thank You Mentors! Thank you Sponsors!